Birthday Sneak

14 Jun

Today/tomorrow is my birthday.   Wow has the time flown.  It seems like yesterday I was on vacation.   Still getting used to being back home and frankly miss the simplicity of the moments.  Wandering where ever for the day.  Caring one backpack a piece for our belongings and a small plastic bag of goodies purchased in the airport.  Being free of the stuff at home.  Do not get me wrong I missed my fuzzy and furry friends and my husband too.  Just wish we had more simple days like that or maybe we just need to have more days of  one backpack for our clothes instead of the closet full of clothes to choose from that we only wear 10% of maybe we just need to get rid of the other 90% except for the seasonal things we need for winter or fall unless you are one of the lucky few to live in a place where you do not get cold weather.  

 Today Friday the 13th has been a day to be grumpy or just irritated at folks who cant seem to give other folks a chance to get out of the parking spot, cant count at a 4 way stop, or are just plain rude.  I sometimes hate living in the US where we just seem to be rude self entitled snots.  Ok maybe not fair and yes I am ranting but, just feel the need sometimes to rant.   

Plus today I miss my world cup action.  NO ESPN and I could cry and feel so sad and cheated.  Really want to be there in person as the action is happening.  Did I fail to mention I am a HUGE soccer fan?  No or scant coverage by the news.  It is so sad.  I swear that I want to go to Canada in 2015 for the womens world cup action that sounds like a blast!  

On the up side for my birthday I got the best present from my mom… no clutter $$$$$ waaahhhoooo!  It will go into my savings account for traveling other places in the world.  My short bucket list and at the top is Italy, France, Greece, Germany, England, Ireland, and  Scotland.  In roughly decending order from gotta go top three to would be nice.  If I go to the top three I will probably spend at least 6 weeks or however long my tourist visa allows me to stay in one place or until my cash supply runs out.   

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