We are back

13 Jun

ImageImageImageImageThie picture above is a Rembrant, the next is a Monet, then a Renoir and finally a painting by Marie Cassatt.  These are all courtesy of the Joselyn Art Museum in Omaha and is free to get into.  I have more and will share in the next post but, did not want to overwhelm folks with my pictures.  

We got to have a good/great visit with my dad.  We went to both Childrens Museums in Lincoln and Omaha it is good for kids to just run around and go crazy but, I still do not like the commerical aspect of it.   We got to visit with relatives and a lot of them I had not seen in 30+ years.  We went to the Childrens Zoo to show my daughter some animals she would not normally see and to help her realize that living in a small area especially for the larger animals is not ok.  

We went to a Garden area as well in Omaha and that was very pretty but, also very big 100 acres so I recommend that you get the tram ride it will help with saving your feet and you get to see most of the gardens.  

My daughter got to play and spend some quality time with her grandpa so that was really great.  I even got some pictures of a very handsome devil my dads younger self along with a very young me at age 3 or so.  

With everything that we did and saw along with food I spent about $250 which to me is not bad considering I paid for most of the entrance fees except for the garden.  We did eat out as well and I paid for most of that as well along with cooking at my dads place.  We did buy a bit extra food to take on the plane ride back since you no longer get anything on flights in the way of food.  

On the way there we ended up arriving before a major storm from **ll.  It rained in sheets, hailed, and the wind was blowing so hard that the windows at the airport were bowing in and out.  We made it to my dads place where it was raining slightly.  Then I heard a strange sound and asked my dad what it was he said it was for severe weather/tornado warning.  Where my dad lives they got “straight wind line damage” tree limbs were broken or off and some trees got ripped out of the ground.  Other places saw larger hail golf ball to baseball size and some even had a tornado go through which damaged crops.

The flight back got delayed due to weather so we did not get back until almost midnight our time.  I was very tired Wednesday and got unpacked and took it easy.  I am still playing catch up to a point.  It is getting better.   


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