Leaving on a Jet Plane

3 Jun

Cue the music.  LOL.   

This past weekend I went with my family to see the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It was really cute and for those of us who remember Rocky and Bullwinkle show that had the afore mentioned show now movie.  It was good I liked that my daughter got a bit of a history lesson.   We also got our notice to vacate letter typed up and signed and off via certified return receipt to our landlords.  That is done and we are that much closer to moving out of here.  

Monday I spent the day doing a bit of cleaning and packing.   I also cleaned out Noel’s area and litter box she is happy since I usually do this on Friday but, wanted to hold off until Monday.   Warning this makes for a very grouchy bunny the following day especially if you were supposed to do the cleaning on Friday and it is now Saturday.  I was charged a lot and nipped at.  Cant say as I really blame her.  She might have just thought I was being a big jerk to her.  In a way I was but, I was honestly planning on cleaning it Monday.   Now I have a happier bunny who is calmer.  I even threw in a “treat” type thing I bought for her made out of something she can chew on it almost looks like a pine cone.   She was still not very happy with me on Saturday.

Today will be all about getting the last minute things packed up and then head out the door to the airport to catch our flight.  I just hope my husband will get up early enough to take us there so we can be on time and I really hope that my flight will not be cancelled due to the weather or other mishaps.  Gonna keep my fingers crossed.  

Until next week where I will have photos and other juicy bits from our travels.  

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