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Into the home stretch

28 Jun

Whew the endless packing I have been doing I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of the “stuff” is stuff we all use like dishes, silverware etc.  Ok maybe not the alcohol for my 5 year old.  

My mom came over today and helped me pack and quite honestly I have done a lot but, she saved me from having to pack up more stuff so that was great.  No worries I did not sit on my **s and do nothing.  I repacked a box that was falling apart, I packed up two boxes of stuff including mostly my husbands and one of my daughters toys.  It was quite funny hearing my mom “complain” about how much stuff we have when I can guarantee you she still beats me by a landslide with stuff.  

Now I am mostly at the point of what to pack up next.  I do not want to do our last bit of clothes because I still do not know what all I want to leave out and pack in my backpack.  Plus I need to do laundry and take it from there.  Other stuff will have to wait until my hubby is around to say “No dont pack that.”  

On the upside the car is ok now.  The parking brake is fixed and my husband was a goof when it came to the A/C.  He forgot to push the a/c button silly man.  

This weekend will be more packing but, not as much.  Gotta light a fire under my husband and get him to pack up his stuff.  He also found our weather radio that I knew we had but, could never find when we really needed it. 

I have gotten rid of about a half ton of paper to recycling but, it is a relief to get rid of stuff I no longer need or want to carry around anymore.   

 Have a good/great weekend!  Try to relax that is what it is for unless you work weekends then whenever your day off is relax.  

Its coming together

26 Jun

I am slowly getting us all packed up.  I did 3 boxes yesterday and 4 today and I hope to get another one done today as well. Plus my sister in law finally got back to my husband saying that she is not quite out of our new house arrrrggggghhhhh this is so annoying she was supposed to be out 2 weeks ago and I still cant get any of our stuff moved in yet.  Plus it is sooooo nice of her to get back to me about if she is out of the house.  Very frustrating when people decide not to get back to you.  

The hubby is still at the grand total of 3 boxes  packed of his stuff never mind actually helping me with the rest of the place.  Arrrrrrgggghhh again.  

Still so tempted to put everything to the curb except for our clothes and mark free on the boxes  and see who takes what.  I might just do it if it didnt rain so much.  Every stinking day so far and no relief in sight.  I am so sick of the rain very not cool when you are trying to get moved. 

Plus my hubby took the car yesterday and now the A/C no longer works again.  

Under pressure

24 Jun

Wow I am feeling the pressure of needing to get packed up and moved out.  We are moving out July 5 and I am in full on panic mode.  Plus to add to all of this I have had to deal with getting my car registered and was stressing over that as well along with the car needing repairs.  Wanting to get my daughter a library card before we move, get most of her school supplies before the mad rush, and I still need to renew my license.  Stressing over how to move 2 humans, 2 cats, and a rabbit.  Stressing over whether or not my sister in law is actually out of our new house.  Ahhh the pressure is building!  Ok now I am done freaking out.  Got most of it taken care of the rest will have to sort itself out one way or the other. 

So how am I dealing with this besides bursting into tears for “no good reason”.  I am trying to remember to breathe and deal with things one at a time.  

The first order of business was take the car in ASAP for the repairs it needed.  New front brakes (it explains the odd and strange squeak we had been hearing but, could not identify for awhile live and learn), new rotors, new back brakes, serpentine belt replaced, A/C fixed and working (finally and with 90 plus degree heat never mind the humidity with it) a relief to be cool while in the car and driving around, got the brake fluid flushed out and was told it was pretty icky, and we also got the emergency brake fixed as well.  It cost over $700 but, well worth the expense and way cheaper than having car payment plus the added joy of repairs on top of it.  Now I am down to just the stress of moving and will tackle that for tomorrow.  It has been a busy day and it is almost over.  

This past weekend I got to put most of my stress, worry, and cares on hold for a few hours while I was pampered from head to foot at an Aveda salon and spa.  It was great and an even better belated birthday present from my husband with no clutter.  I got a facial, massage, pedicure and manicure along with lunch.  It was a great way to relax and take it easy while just getting pampered.  Every once in awhile you just need to be pampered.  Plus it was also great not being around harsh chemicals and products.  All of the products are cruelty free, use natural ingredients or organic, use wind power for producing the products, free trade, and use recycled plastic for their products too.  

I did place an Amazon order and ordered 4 things out of who knows how much is on my wish list.  I got two Vegan Lunch box books one with international recipes and the other with more “traditional” recipes to try out with my daughter for her lunches to school.  I did get a book for me called “Debt is Slavery” I really recommend this book if you are struggling with any debt from credit cards, to mortgage, etc.  I also got something for our new house as well a bidet.  It is something I have always wanted to try out and see if we actually like it and plus it might be kinder not having to use as much toilet paper.  It might help us to be “cleaner” and will be great to use if you have the runs.  I will let you know if we love it or hate it once we get moved in and get it installed.  It should be easy to install.  


Book and shedding

20 Jun

I have a book recommendation for both men and women although I must confess the book is geared toward women but, it is worth the read gentlemen.  The book is called “Younger Next Year”  I have not finished this yet but so far I am completely sold.  Please check it out from you library if you can and save yourself some hard earned cash.  If you have older parents and have seen how badly they are doing just walking let alone keeping up with you and you are absolutely scared sh**less then this is the book for you.  I have even started walking to prevent this from happening to me and will add weights to start at least once a week.  I normally do yoga 5 days a week but, will start doing it 6 days a week.  Plus walking most days as well along with one day of weights or maybe two.  That should be good. 

 Now to the shedding.  My poor Noel is shedding like a mad woman and I feel that I almost have enough fur to build my own miniature version of her.  Poor sweetheart.  It has got to be itchy and uncomfortable.  I have been brushing her everyday but, she will not let me get her belly.  I understand why but, still it stinks.   I was finally able to get her belly and then gave her a raisin for her being nice enough to let me get it.  Now maybe she wont be so itchy and uncomfortable.  

 A miracle happened yesterday my husband actually started to pack up his stuff.  WAHOOO!  I am so thrilled .  I am still doing the majority of the packing but, it is getting easier in deciding what to pack next.  


18 Jun

Well the US won 1 to 0 against Ghana. It was a great game to watch and I cheered like crazy.  Today I am not much interested in any of the world cup games  and am taking a break for today at least.  I need to check and see who is playing tomorrow.  I think Wednesday is going to be another day of yelling my head off.  

I am finally getting up at my “usual time” today was the first day and it has not been easy.  I am feeling rather tired.  

Today was errand day to the bank to deposit $$ into my accounts from my birthday.  I also ordered my husbands late Fathers Day gift of something useful aka underwear.  I know he will use them for sure.  I also ordered some more for me since I had to do laundry a bit sooner than I was planning to since I was official out of clean undies on my vacation.  I also dropped more stuff off at Goodwill.  

It is rather warm here upper 80’s low 90’s is the expected high and wow by 9:30 ish this morning it was already in the upper 70’s.  

weekend and World Cup Action

17 Jun

This past weekend was my birthday and I got to spend it with my family so fun.  For my birthday well I got a new hat it is called a Tilley a bit expensive but great hat, it is water resistant, will float in water, and has a secret compartment so you can stuff some extra $$ for emergencies or for traveling.   I also got from my husband a 3/4 day at the spa for myself it includes a 60 minute massage and facial, mani and pedicure, a catered lunch, and a cut and style.  I have to wait until next weekend to actually enjoy it because I needed the time to be set up so someone could watch my daughter aka my hubby.  We also ate out at our favorite restaurant Thai Orchid.  Yummy vegan and vegetarian food.  

We have been watching some of the World Cup on the computer because we do not have ESPN ah well so we watch it in Spanish.  So far Italy beat the snot out of England 2-0 and today Germany beat Portugal 4-0 so fun to watch and cheer for other countries besides the US without repercussions.  The US is playing Ghana today later so will be watching that.  

 Sunday was Fathers Day in certain countries.  My husband got a very nice card from both of us.  He will be getting a useful gift once I have more $$ in my account.  I must confess a bit broke due to vacation. I plan on giving my husband a new wallet it is something he needs but does not want to get for himself.  So that is what he will be getting probably one made out of cork.

More pictures

14 Jun

ImageThis is a Titian Image A Rembrant ImageStorm damage with a tree pulled out by the roots from the wind damage.  This is the last of the pictures that I took on my phone.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  

Birthday Sneak

14 Jun

Today/tomorrow is my birthday.   Wow has the time flown.  It seems like yesterday I was on vacation.   Still getting used to being back home and frankly miss the simplicity of the moments.  Wandering where ever for the day.  Caring one backpack a piece for our belongings and a small plastic bag of goodies purchased in the airport.  Being free of the stuff at home.  Do not get me wrong I missed my fuzzy and furry friends and my husband too.  Just wish we had more simple days like that or maybe we just need to have more days of  one backpack for our clothes instead of the closet full of clothes to choose from that we only wear 10% of maybe we just need to get rid of the other 90% except for the seasonal things we need for winter or fall unless you are one of the lucky few to live in a place where you do not get cold weather.  

 Today Friday the 13th has been a day to be grumpy or just irritated at folks who cant seem to give other folks a chance to get out of the parking spot, cant count at a 4 way stop, or are just plain rude.  I sometimes hate living in the US where we just seem to be rude self entitled snots.  Ok maybe not fair and yes I am ranting but, just feel the need sometimes to rant.   

Plus today I miss my world cup action.  NO ESPN and I could cry and feel so sad and cheated.  Really want to be there in person as the action is happening.  Did I fail to mention I am a HUGE soccer fan?  No or scant coverage by the news.  It is so sad.  I swear that I want to go to Canada in 2015 for the womens world cup action that sounds like a blast!  

On the up side for my birthday I got the best present from my mom… no clutter $$$$$ waaahhhoooo!  It will go into my savings account for traveling other places in the world.  My short bucket list and at the top is Italy, France, Greece, Germany, England, Ireland, and  Scotland.  In roughly decending order from gotta go top three to would be nice.  If I go to the top three I will probably spend at least 6 weeks or however long my tourist visa allows me to stay in one place or until my cash supply runs out.   

We are back

13 Jun

ImageImageImageImageThie picture above is a Rembrant, the next is a Monet, then a Renoir and finally a painting by Marie Cassatt.  These are all courtesy of the Joselyn Art Museum in Omaha and is free to get into.  I have more and will share in the next post but, did not want to overwhelm folks with my pictures.  

We got to have a good/great visit with my dad.  We went to both Childrens Museums in Lincoln and Omaha it is good for kids to just run around and go crazy but, I still do not like the commerical aspect of it.   We got to visit with relatives and a lot of them I had not seen in 30+ years.  We went to the Childrens Zoo to show my daughter some animals she would not normally see and to help her realize that living in a small area especially for the larger animals is not ok.  

We went to a Garden area as well in Omaha and that was very pretty but, also very big 100 acres so I recommend that you get the tram ride it will help with saving your feet and you get to see most of the gardens.  

My daughter got to play and spend some quality time with her grandpa so that was really great.  I even got some pictures of a very handsome devil my dads younger self along with a very young me at age 3 or so.  

With everything that we did and saw along with food I spent about $250 which to me is not bad considering I paid for most of the entrance fees except for the garden.  We did eat out as well and I paid for most of that as well along with cooking at my dads place.  We did buy a bit extra food to take on the plane ride back since you no longer get anything on flights in the way of food.  

On the way there we ended up arriving before a major storm from **ll.  It rained in sheets, hailed, and the wind was blowing so hard that the windows at the airport were bowing in and out.  We made it to my dads place where it was raining slightly.  Then I heard a strange sound and asked my dad what it was he said it was for severe weather/tornado warning.  Where my dad lives they got “straight wind line damage” tree limbs were broken or off and some trees got ripped out of the ground.  Other places saw larger hail golf ball to baseball size and some even had a tornado go through which damaged crops.

The flight back got delayed due to weather so we did not get back until almost midnight our time.  I was very tired Wednesday and got unpacked and took it easy.  I am still playing catch up to a point.  It is getting better.   


Leaving on a Jet Plane

3 Jun

Cue the music.  LOL.   

This past weekend I went with my family to see the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It was really cute and for those of us who remember Rocky and Bullwinkle show that had the afore mentioned show now movie.  It was good I liked that my daughter got a bit of a history lesson.   We also got our notice to vacate letter typed up and signed and off via certified return receipt to our landlords.  That is done and we are that much closer to moving out of here.  

Monday I spent the day doing a bit of cleaning and packing.   I also cleaned out Noel’s area and litter box she is happy since I usually do this on Friday but, wanted to hold off until Monday.   Warning this makes for a very grouchy bunny the following day especially if you were supposed to do the cleaning on Friday and it is now Saturday.  I was charged a lot and nipped at.  Cant say as I really blame her.  She might have just thought I was being a big jerk to her.  In a way I was but, I was honestly planning on cleaning it Monday.   Now I have a happier bunny who is calmer.  I even threw in a “treat” type thing I bought for her made out of something she can chew on it almost looks like a pine cone.   She was still not very happy with me on Saturday.

Today will be all about getting the last minute things packed up and then head out the door to the airport to catch our flight.  I just hope my husband will get up early enough to take us there so we can be on time and I really hope that my flight will not be cancelled due to the weather or other mishaps.  Gonna keep my fingers crossed.  

Until next week where I will have photos and other juicy bits from our travels.