Slow and steady

30 May

Well in between packing I have been getting rid of a lot of things that I refuse to move with us. There is still probably more that needs to be gotten rid of but, for now I am doing ok.  

I have packed up more boxes and am getting close to stopping as far as I can pack up because a lot of the rest is my hubbies and if I dare to pack it up he will get annoyed/mad at me because he has a “system” (which so far includes not packing anything).  Plus it is stuff we are currently using.  Thankfully I will be gone a week so that will be nice and a bit of anxiety for me because I will wonder if my husband has packed anything at all or if I will come back to the house in its current state of boxes everywhere and none of my hubbies stuff packed up.  Should be interesting.  I will not be packing any boxes Monday but, instead will be packing for our trip which I am looking forward to.  

I restarted meditating and am sleeping much better and vow this time to keep up with it and do it every day.  Of course I am not sure how I will be able to do this while on vacation but, am willing to try.  

I hope to get rid of some books soon so that will be more $$ to spend on vacation or whatever.  


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