Freaking OUT!

28 May

I am stressing out and freaking out.  I am still trying to get our place packed up and still feeling like we are so far behind.  I know that we are not but, still a part of me feels that we are.  I am so stressed out.  Plus this weekend I made the “discovery” that we are leaving a day earlier than I had in my head.  I thought we were leaving next Wednesday instead we are leaving next Tuesday aaahhhh.  The packing for the trip will go a lot smoother than packing up our house.  It is coming together just freaking me out.  

Today I plan to meditate a bit and see if that will help me to stop freaking and stressing out.  I also hope it helps me to sleep better at night.  Lately I have been needing a bit of help in that department in the form of lavender oil.  For some reason it helps to calm me down.  It also doesnt help that once again my allergies are kicking me very thoroughly in the backside.  I personally blame the rain.  It seems that once we get a lot of rain more stuff blooms that I am allergic to.  It makes me sneeze a lot and makes my eyes feel very itchy. 

Today was errand day had to get a few things for the trip that I forgot to get when we were at the store last.  Plus it was a bank run to get $$ for our trip too.  


Does anyone have any natural ideas to help me sleep and stop me from freaking out and stressing over this move?  If you are moving or have moved what did you do to remain calm?  


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