24 May

For some folks it is a three day weekend.  A time to relax, hang out by the pool, barbecue and just enjoy.  

For those three days I also encourage you to unplug and not check email or texts related to work.  It can wait until Tuesday.  

I have packed another 4 boxes today and tackled the kitchen a bit.  I also got rid of a lot of outdated food so unfortunately it was money wasted and food wasted too.  I really hate wasting food especially when I know others could use it instead.  

I also got rid of 10 books that my daughter had.  She has too many in my opinion and feels overwhelmed.  So I plan on getting rid of 10 books a week until we can actually start moving into the new/old house.  She did make $2 not much but, much better than having the clutter.  

Once we get moved and settled I will be making the one in one out rule for both myself and my daughter.  We really need to get back on track and with as much packing as I have done and there is still much more to go.  I do not know if I even have a chance in making/asking my husband do this as well but, we will see.   

I will be taking a brief break but, will be back after the holiday.  

If you celebrate this holiday have fun and stay sober or at least have a designated driver.  

Stay safe. 


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