Still packing

23 May

I finally am feeling better after sneezing and sniffling my way through either the worst allergies I have ever had or a cold.  I finally got a bunch of sleep last night (yes I even drooled not ashamed to admit it).  I even managed to sleep most of the way through a severe thunderstorm that went through.  

I have been slowly packing things up.  I got my daughters stuffed animals packed up yesterday and another box of my books and magazines. I only did two yesterday after doing a bunch of packing and clean up on Monday so gave myself a bit of a break.  Now I am at  least for now at the point of trying to decide what else I can pack without it being too much and looking too sparse.  I am thinking of doing some of the kitchen pots and pans we are currently not using.  I am also trying to get another couple of box runs done as well today.  

I am doling a slow and steady packing instead of the rush to get it all done in a few days time which frankly just leaves me exhausted and in need of a vacation and a massage.  

If you are moving how is it going?  What is your preferred method for moving?  Where are you finding boxes?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  


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