Super cute

21 May

I have to share this link with folks for something sweet and feel good.  It just makes you go aaawwwwwwwwwwww and way to go mom.  

As you know I rarely post websites unless I really think it worthy and this one is worthy.  


Most moms have nightmares of their child(ren) running out in the street or traffic I have not had one of my child being so close to a busy highway.  Thankfully.  

Still sneezing and tired I hope I can go to bed earlier than I was able to last night.  I was shooting for around 9 pm but, did not make it until after 10.  Gotta feel better soon because my vacation is coming up soon and I am not wanting to miss that.  

I heard from my dad yesterday and all I can say is that he has been pulling a Martha Stewart on me lately.  He has steam cleaned his kitchen floor and cleaned out the refridge.  He just cracks me up because one my daughter and I are not that messy when we go to his place.  We clean up after ourselves and with us not packing very much there is not much to pick up.  

Gonna get more sleep tonight and see how i feel instead of the walking zombie.   It is an improvement from the walking dead feeling yesterday.  


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