20 May

The weekend was busy but, fun.  We went to our Sheep and Fiber Festival for the first time.  We had been wanting to go but, with a small  child we felt it would be better to wait until she was old enough. She got to pet various critters a few sheep, llamas, and even a couple of rabbits that were being sold.  I almost came home with one of them.  So cute.  My daughter got a bunch of stuff aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh well.  She got a drop spindle, a wooden top, a loom to make pot holders (something I had as a kid and really enjoyed making), and a few other wooden knitting/spinning tools to enjoy.  I was also really tired and sleepy.  I have not been sleeping very well lately probably moving nerves kicking in.  

Sunday I packed three boxes and mowed both the front and back yard boy was I tired again.  

Today has been spent taking it relatively easy.  We still packed three boxes.  One box of my stuff and two boxes of our daughter’s stuff.  

I am trying to pack three boxes a day as much as I can before we actually move to our new house.  I figure eventually our house will be bare enough that we can start moving our stuff over to the new house.  We do have to wait until my husband’s sister is moved out as well.  

It has been chilly lately as in below 70 degrees F. So now I think that with all my sneezing I now have a ‘lovely’ summer cold.  I just hope I feel better before we go on vacation.  


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