War declared

14 May

Yesterday, I declared war on the Honeysuckle in our yard.  I am very allergic to the stuff so now it is all gone in our front yard except for stumps where the bushes used to be.  It looks a lot better than it was.  I got rid of it all in my front yard.  The only ones left is the big bush in our neighbors yard and the bits in the back yard.  I love the smell of it do not get me wrong but, here where I live the bushes get to be over six feet tall and are very bushy.  I can handle small doses of the stuff but, where there seem to be over six foot tall bushes everywhere I sneeze like crazy.  I had to take another shower just to try and get most of the pollen off of me.  I still sneezed like crazy this morning.  

 It has been very hot and humid and great for not wanting to eat very much or do much cooking so I am now eating a lot of wraps, or salads and only doing minimal cooking like boil water for noodles or other things that require being boiled.  


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