10 May

ImageImageFirst let me start by stating that I am a HUGE geek/nerd and rather proud of it.  So on Saturday mornings I choose to watch programs such as Jeff Irwins Ocean Adventures, Lucky Dog, sometimes Born to Explore, and Dr. Chris Pet Vet.  I really love all of these shows but, I really love Dr. Chris because he not only treats “pets” such as dogs, cats, rabbits etc., he also treats baby kangaroos (show is in Austraila), ducks, and even Falcons.  I also love it for the fact that it is a very honest show in that if they lose a patient for whatever reason it is stated.  It is not always hearts and rainbows.  

The reason why I am ANGRY is for this reason once again wordpress is doing great things again by not putting things where I want them GRRRRRRRRRRRR!.  She is a sweetheart and that is what I named her. I called PETA’s Emergency Wildlife number 757-622-7382 to try and get some help for this poor little creature.  She flew and then she could not anymore for whatever reason.  Not sure if she strained her wing muscle(s) or if she broke her wing.  I really tried my best to get some help for her.  Kristin the amazing person on the line with me finally found a vet that would take animals after hours.  Once I got there I found out they only dealt with Dogs and Cats no wildlife, no help for Sweetheart.  The person they had who normally deals with birds went home and they would Not look at her or even try to call this person.  I am still angry regarding this.  Does she not count? Really?  I know that being a swallow that she is not someones “pet” but, really folks you have to be this heartless and soul less?  I was really wishing for a Dr. Chris to come and help her out.  I really feel that she could have survived if given a chance but, no one gave her a chance.  I even asked them if they could give me an eye dropper so I could at least get fluids in her but, the request fell on deaf ears.  I did the only thing I could and put her to sleep.  I was really heart broken and still am.  I am very thankful that my husband never said its just a bird who cares what happens to it or anything else that might sound heartless.  I told them I wanted her body and she is now buried in my backyard. I hope now she is soaring in the skies wherever she is and feels the wind and rain on her face.  I hope she is catching bugs as well.  She is gone but, never forgotten.  


RIP Sweetheart


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