9 May

Yesterday I made it a point to hang out for a bit at my moms house when I dropped off my daughter for her weekly visit.  It was ok and kinda nice.  I gave my mom her birthday present, card, and card for mothers day.  She seemed to like it all.  

I also got rid of my small collection of comic books all of them are gone except for 2 along with a few CDs (still gotta work on those before we move), and a few books.  I managed to get for all of it $23 yea it will be put into my fund for our trip over the pond.  Yes it is still a paltry sum compared to what I probably spent on it all originally but, it still feels really good to get it gone along with any dusty memories associate with those things.  


As the weather gets warmer why not treat your clothes to being line dried outside.  Get a sturdy clothes line or even a clothes drying rack and enjoy that clean smell.  No need to bleach because the sun naturally does that a bit on its own plus no need for clothes drying sheets either.  It is a bit extra work to do it but, while you wait for your clothes to dry you can take a walk, have a tickle fight, or just sip a mojito or drink of choice outside and enjoy or any number of other things you can do while you wait for your clothes.  


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