As promised and finally delivered

8 May

ImageHere is my new and improved garden area.  I failed to take before shots.  I have Strawberries!  Wahoo.  They are still green but, they are there.  This area extends a bit further back but, was choked with grass a lot of grass.  The paving stones got uncovered with weeds and more grass and I even found a bonus of a metal tent spike?  maybe not sure but, it looked like one.  I did save what is called elephant ears basically because the leaves are really soft and downy.  

It is not perfect but, it is my garden.  The two pieces of wood sticking out are my attempt after my neighbor mowed over my strawberry plant to deter him hopefully from doing it again next time.  Next step might require a  big neon sign maybe saying plants here with an arrow or something else.  

If you think of anything that might work for a big neon sign for my plants let me know in the comments.  


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