6 May

I came across a blog post that someone had regarding pleasing people and I absolutely loved it.  It reminded me that I really cant please people all the time and can only please some people some of the time.  It was a great reminder about my issue with my mom, and my neighbor feeling this need to just mow over my plants in the garden.  Still needing to take pictures hope to do that soon. 

 Well it is official folks we will now be living in our new house sometime this summer.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  sorry had to get that out of the way as we now have to hunt for boxes and start packing things up so we can get ourselves moved out.  I am excited and really hate moving.  Now I need to get our daughter registered in a new school district so that should be fun. Now I will be shedding more of my stuff so that way I dont have to move it.  Whew it will be a busy time.  We signed a lease so that way I can get our daughter registered before school lets out.  It will work until we have a deed to our new house.  


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