“Just let go” Tyler Derden

3 May

Ok I might not have spelled Tylers last name correctly but, I did want to start this post with a quote from my absolutely favorite all time movie Fightclub.  If you have not seen it rent, beg,  or borrow a copy asap. 

As for letting go I am asking folks to let go of something they have been holding onto for a long time.  Something with or without sentimental value.  So let go of that junk in the junk drawer, closet, garage, basement, or where ever you store your stuff that you have not looked at in so long even you have forgotten what is in it.  If you need to stick it all in a box and date it from the time you opened it to 3 or even 6 months from now and if you still havent touched the contents then it either needs to be sold, donated, or trashed.  I know it will not be easy but, stay strong and just keep going until you have a new sparkly, and shiny drawer, closet, garage, basement etc.  Remember to just let go and you will be happy without so much stuff to clean around, organize, or even move.  

I am trying to let go of my moms latest fiasco in my life.  It is not easy especially when few words pass between us. 

It all started when I forgot to tell my mom about our upcoming trip.  I have had a lot on my mind, from dealing with a very cranky 4-5 year old, getting said child registered for school, buying a house, and now having to get ready for our trip.  Yeah I know it sounds more like an excuse but, it is the truth.  She told me that she would like it if I actually stayed when I dropped our daughter off at her house.  Gee it would be nice if she actually told me this instead of just staying hurt and mad about it.  Sigh. She showed me as a child/teenager that what I say does not matter, since she would talk to the dog instead of paying attention to what I was saying.  Sorry hard to talk to someone when they never seemed to care in the past.   Plus I am trying to maximize her time with her granddaughter and she needs to realize that I have very little time by myself.  Alone time is good.  I am not sure what all she said since I was in the process of smoothing over her being mad that i did not tell her about the trip. I did take the phone away since she was throwing her hissy on my anniversary.  Probably a good thing.  I did apologize and was going to give her my flight itinerary yesterday during our daughters luncheon at her school where we are now.  We also got to tour the school  that was great .   So great to see an elementary school still having kids be part of the arts.  I thought they had done away with them with the whole no child left behind.   So I was going to give her the itinerary then but, she decided to cancel at the last minute but, then showed up at the last minute.  Would be great if she actually made up her mind at some point. Ah well, so I did not bring it with me along with her birthday present so it will be late. 


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