7 years and counting

1 May

Wow it is hard to believe that my husband and I have been together this long.   We started out having a really rocky start together as  a couple and quite honestly I did not think we would survive this long together.  We have even survived having our first child together when so many couples have such a hard time with kids.  Not saying it has been easy.  It seems like yesterday that our daughter was such a new person in the world and now she is five.  It also seems like yesterday that I was really freaking out at our two year anniversary waiting to have divorce papers served to me (this is about how I got my first divorce right around the 2 year mark).  

I would not have changed all the rough patches we went through to fight together to be a couple.  It has made us stronger together and able to work through just about anything.   We have grown a lot as a couple, and separately.  

Happy Anniversary and lets go for another 7 years together!  Love you husband!  May Day lol! 


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