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Jealous or just envious

31 May

I really love that some people aka adults have good to great relationships with their mothers.  Yes they can drive us crazy and make us angry at times.  

As most of you know my relationship is less than perfect or even tolerable.  To give you an example.  I called her yesterday to see if she would like to see her granddaughter before we went on vacation.  She said that would be fine.  Then she goes off on a tangent about how I never answer the phone.  Yes there are times when I do not answer the phone like I am in the bathroom (sometimes no one should be allowed to hear some of what goes on in there), driving, cooking, or asleep.  Then she asks how she is supposed to get in touch with me in case something happens.  I told her that if it was an emergency hopefully she would call 911 first before she even called me.  Then she says well they probably wouldnt be able to get in touch with me.  I told her that is why I have voice mail.  She proceeded to be even more insulting from there and I will spare you the details but, suffice it to say that I told her that the conversation was stressing me out and I was going to say before she hung up on me that we needed to talk about something else.  

So that effectively ended that conversation.  I did not take my daughter to see her grandmother because I figured that since she is mad at me and obviously doesnt want to talk to me then she probably doesnt even want to see me.  

I discussed it with my husband and he said that basically my mom is selfish, and self centered. I also told him that no matter what I did or how much money I spent there is no way I can even come close to pleasing her or making her happy.  Whew, what a revelation to have it only took most of my life.  I told him I was not going to apologize for this because I know that 1.  I will NEVER get an apology from her.  and 2.  I do not feel that I did anything wrong with maybe the exception of not answering my phone EVERY TIME my mom calls which is truthfully unrealistic to expect from anyone.  

I really hope that when my daughter is an adult that I do not do goofy, insane, stupid, selfish things like this to her because someone had better sit me down and set me straight or just say I am acting like my mom if you tell me that I will probably stop.   

Slow and steady

30 May

Well in between packing I have been getting rid of a lot of things that I refuse to move with us. There is still probably more that needs to be gotten rid of but, for now I am doing ok.  

I have packed up more boxes and am getting close to stopping as far as I can pack up because a lot of the rest is my hubbies and if I dare to pack it up he will get annoyed/mad at me because he has a “system” (which so far includes not packing anything).  Plus it is stuff we are currently using.  Thankfully I will be gone a week so that will be nice and a bit of anxiety for me because I will wonder if my husband has packed anything at all or if I will come back to the house in its current state of boxes everywhere and none of my hubbies stuff packed up.  Should be interesting.  I will not be packing any boxes Monday but, instead will be packing for our trip which I am looking forward to.  

I restarted meditating and am sleeping much better and vow this time to keep up with it and do it every day.  Of course I am not sure how I will be able to do this while on vacation but, am willing to try.  

I hope to get rid of some books soon so that will be more $$ to spend on vacation or whatever.  

Freaking OUT!

28 May

I am stressing out and freaking out.  I am still trying to get our place packed up and still feeling like we are so far behind.  I know that we are not but, still a part of me feels that we are.  I am so stressed out.  Plus this weekend I made the “discovery” that we are leaving a day earlier than I had in my head.  I thought we were leaving next Wednesday instead we are leaving next Tuesday aaahhhh.  The packing for the trip will go a lot smoother than packing up our house.  It is coming together just freaking me out.  

Today I plan to meditate a bit and see if that will help me to stop freaking and stressing out.  I also hope it helps me to sleep better at night.  Lately I have been needing a bit of help in that department in the form of lavender oil.  For some reason it helps to calm me down.  It also doesnt help that once again my allergies are kicking me very thoroughly in the backside.  I personally blame the rain.  It seems that once we get a lot of rain more stuff blooms that I am allergic to.  It makes me sneeze a lot and makes my eyes feel very itchy. 

Today was errand day had to get a few things for the trip that I forgot to get when we were at the store last.  Plus it was a bank run to get $$ for our trip too.  


Does anyone have any natural ideas to help me sleep and stop me from freaking out and stressing over this move?  If you are moving or have moved what did you do to remain calm?  


24 May

For some folks it is a three day weekend.  A time to relax, hang out by the pool, barbecue and just enjoy.  

For those three days I also encourage you to unplug and not check email or texts related to work.  It can wait until Tuesday.  

I have packed another 4 boxes today and tackled the kitchen a bit.  I also got rid of a lot of outdated food so unfortunately it was money wasted and food wasted too.  I really hate wasting food especially when I know others could use it instead.  

I also got rid of 10 books that my daughter had.  She has too many in my opinion and feels overwhelmed.  So I plan on getting rid of 10 books a week until we can actually start moving into the new/old house.  She did make $2 not much but, much better than having the clutter.  

Once we get moved and settled I will be making the one in one out rule for both myself and my daughter.  We really need to get back on track and with as much packing as I have done and there is still much more to go.  I do not know if I even have a chance in making/asking my husband do this as well but, we will see.   

I will be taking a brief break but, will be back after the holiday.  

If you celebrate this holiday have fun and stay sober or at least have a designated driver.  

Stay safe. 

Still packing

23 May

I finally am feeling better after sneezing and sniffling my way through either the worst allergies I have ever had or a cold.  I finally got a bunch of sleep last night (yes I even drooled not ashamed to admit it).  I even managed to sleep most of the way through a severe thunderstorm that went through.  

I have been slowly packing things up.  I got my daughters stuffed animals packed up yesterday and another box of my books and magazines. I only did two yesterday after doing a bunch of packing and clean up on Monday so gave myself a bit of a break.  Now I am at  least for now at the point of trying to decide what else I can pack without it being too much and looking too sparse.  I am thinking of doing some of the kitchen pots and pans we are currently not using.  I am also trying to get another couple of box runs done as well today.  

I am doling a slow and steady packing instead of the rush to get it all done in a few days time which frankly just leaves me exhausted and in need of a vacation and a massage.  

If you are moving how is it going?  What is your preferred method for moving?  Where are you finding boxes?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  

Super cute

21 May

I have to share this link with folks for something sweet and feel good.  It just makes you go aaawwwwwwwwwwww and way to go mom.  

As you know I rarely post websites unless I really think it worthy and this one is worthy.  


Most moms have nightmares of their child(ren) running out in the street or traffic I have not had one of my child being so close to a busy highway.  Thankfully.  

Still sneezing and tired I hope I can go to bed earlier than I was able to last night.  I was shooting for around 9 pm but, did not make it until after 10.  Gotta feel better soon because my vacation is coming up soon and I am not wanting to miss that.  

I heard from my dad yesterday and all I can say is that he has been pulling a Martha Stewart on me lately.  He has steam cleaned his kitchen floor and cleaned out the refridge.  He just cracks me up because one my daughter and I are not that messy when we go to his place.  We clean up after ourselves and with us not packing very much there is not much to pick up.  

Gonna get more sleep tonight and see how i feel instead of the walking zombie.   It is an improvement from the walking dead feeling yesterday.  


20 May

The weekend was busy but, fun.  We went to our Sheep and Fiber Festival for the first time.  We had been wanting to go but, with a small  child we felt it would be better to wait until she was old enough. She got to pet various critters a few sheep, llamas, and even a couple of rabbits that were being sold.  I almost came home with one of them.  So cute.  My daughter got a bunch of stuff aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh well.  She got a drop spindle, a wooden top, a loom to make pot holders (something I had as a kid and really enjoyed making), and a few other wooden knitting/spinning tools to enjoy.  I was also really tired and sleepy.  I have not been sleeping very well lately probably moving nerves kicking in.  

Sunday I packed three boxes and mowed both the front and back yard boy was I tired again.  

Today has been spent taking it relatively easy.  We still packed three boxes.  One box of my stuff and two boxes of our daughter’s stuff.  

I am trying to pack three boxes a day as much as I can before we actually move to our new house.  I figure eventually our house will be bare enough that we can start moving our stuff over to the new house.  We do have to wait until my husband’s sister is moved out as well.  

It has been chilly lately as in below 70 degrees F. So now I think that with all my sneezing I now have a ‘lovely’ summer cold.  I just hope I feel better before we go on vacation.  

I have Strawberries!

16 May

I have been slowly getting yummy strawberries from our strawberry plants.  They have been really tasty.  We have gotten a lot of rain lately which helps me to be lazy in that I do not have to water my plants.  I have of course been sharing the strawberries with my daughter and my beloved bunny Noel.  They both love strawberries.  

My blueberries are still green but, growing.  I cant wait for yummy delicious blueberries.  

Today is another grey day with a chance for showers but, better than yesterday with more severe weather.  

I got a bunch of stuff packed up yesterday a few books, winter clothes and my daughters DVD and movie collection all except for 2 that she wanted to stay out and watch before they get packed up.  Still need more boxes but, it is a small start.  

War declared

14 May

Yesterday, I declared war on the Honeysuckle in our yard.  I am very allergic to the stuff so now it is all gone in our front yard except for stumps where the bushes used to be.  It looks a lot better than it was.  I got rid of it all in my front yard.  The only ones left is the big bush in our neighbors yard and the bits in the back yard.  I love the smell of it do not get me wrong but, here where I live the bushes get to be over six feet tall and are very bushy.  I can handle small doses of the stuff but, where there seem to be over six foot tall bushes everywhere I sneeze like crazy.  I had to take another shower just to try and get most of the pollen off of me.  I still sneezed like crazy this morning.  

 It has been very hot and humid and great for not wanting to eat very much or do much cooking so I am now eating a lot of wraps, or salads and only doing minimal cooking like boil water for noodles or other things that require being boiled.  

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

13 May

Happy belated Mothers Day to all the moms!  I hope you were treated great on Mother’s Day.  

I got my Mothers Day treat one day early.  I got a facial it was so nice to be pampered and have one hour to relax.  Plus no clutter.  I also got a blueberry bush.  Yea!  Blueberries in my yard!  I cant wait.  It is already in bloom and I even have some berries but, nothing ripe enough to eat yet.  

My husband took me out to eat Sunday at one of my favorite Indian Food restaurants.  It was really yummy I ordered the Aloo Chole with chickpeas aka garbanzo beans and potatoes.  

My daughter gave me a sweet bouquet of flowers with carnations and purple daisies and another flower I do not know what it is.