30 Apr

Today has been busy.  It has rained a lot so the ground is really soft and squishy so I decided to take the time to weed out our little garden area and dig up the grass and other things that we do not need.  I got most of the way done before I started to feel like I was getting too hot from the sun. I also transplanted our baby bean plant into a medium sized pot so that way when we move it will be easier for the plant to come with us.  

Not sure what to do with my strawberry plants when we move.  I will probably dig them up and put them in pots too.  I do not want our neighbor to just mow it over like he tends to do.  

 I still need to transplant the basil plant along with my tulips will either try for later today or tomorrow.  I will get it done as soon as I can.  I am just glad the severe storms hit Tennessee and Arkansas.  I do feel bad for the folks that got the tornados and other nastiness that we did not get.  

I will post pictures of the garden area once I get it all done. 


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