Slow day

26 Apr

Friday has been a slow day.   Thursday we did our grocery shopping so that is done for now.  I basically told my husband that we were not allowed to get anything new/old unless it is an essential.  Food and clothes are the essentials.  I will let a book pass IF it is something we have been wanting for awhile.  This is good because I will probably be placing an Amazon order sometime soon.  There are a few books that I want to get before our daughter starts school.  They are basically “cookbooks” for lunches. I need better ideas than the old standby of PBJ not that there is anything wrong with PBJ but, I would like for her to have a bit more variety.  So will be ordering them soonish.  This will be good for us to do.  We will save money and hopefully have more money to help us move to our new location.  It is still not a done deal yet, but we should know more by the end of the week with any luck.  

I did tell my father in law (the owner of the house we will be buying/renting) to not touch the floors.  He was wanting to put fake wood floor laminate on it.  No thank you.  I would rather have wood floors with stains than fake flooring.  Plus our home is pretty much doomed anyway for stains I do have a daughter, 2 cats, a rabbit, myself, and my husband.  All I love dearly and am ok sacrificing “perfect” floors for something with stains.  I am looking forward to moving into a place with no carpeting since I am very allergic to dust mites, and dust in general.  Plus this will be nice, I will only have to sweep and mop instead of vacuuming as well.  The fake laminate would be gross with the smell of the glues used plus it is a petroleum product as well just a big yuck to it.  

I did manage to get a basil plant yesterday at the grocery store/co op.  Yea pesto!  I was wanting one to make it and now I have it.  Perfect! Now with the exception of wanting a few pansy plants my garden is almost complete. 

Want to join us in our no shopping for a few months?  Just let me know and you know the exceptions that are allowed.  Sorry cant say no to a good book.  E books are allowed as well they really dont give you any physical clutter just digital but, so much easier to pack lets face it.   The other exception are car or other motorized vehicle repairs as well if you need an oil change or other repairs for your car or whatever then be safe rather than sorry.  Again no clutter inside your home.  


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