Panic and MIA

22 Apr

Late last night I panicked over a missing shirt it is one of my favorite shirts.  I had slowly been making the transition of winter clothes to spring/summer clothes and could not find my beloved black shirt that I knew I had worn last week.  I searched my closet thinking it might have fallen off the hanger as I was moving my clothes around.  No luck.  Then I checked my laundry bag not there either.  Then I checked my drying rack downstairs thinking I might have left it on there after washing it because it was not quite dry.  Not there either.  Then the sudden realization that I might have gotten rid of it to Goodwill even though I made sure that the other black shirt I was getting rid of was the one I wanted to get rid of.  Ut oh, where on earth could it be?  Then I just decided that I needed sleep more than panicking over a shirt and if it really was at Goodwill well, obviously someone else needs the shirt more than I do. Plus I can always try and order another one.  

 This morning I once again checked my black laundry bag and guess what I found.  It  must have either blended in even though I swear I pulled everything out last night and did not see it.  Ah, well I feel silly panicking over it and being angry with myself for nothing but, at least I knew it was missing and that I really did not loose it.  

I knew it was missing because I was trying to find this particular shirt to wear for Monday.  Thanks to downsizing my wardrobe a lot and not having so many pieces.  Plus my closet is no longer stuffed to the gills with clothes.  It takes a lot less time to get ready in the mornings and you know right away when your favorite shirt is now missing. 


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