Spring cleaning

18 Apr

Today I got to take my daughter to my moms house for a few hours so I get a break, although this week has not been too bad. 

I also got rid of about 4 items.  2 purses, a shirt and the hanger that goes with it. Not too bad still trying to weed out my closet but, getting there is a constant battle and is slow going.  I still feel that I have too many purses and too many clothes but, simplifying is a journey and a process.  I highly doubt I will ever end up with less than 100 things or whatever number folks feel good about owning.  I am much better off than I used to be with far too many clothes and purses.  Now it seems almost just right.  

With Easter around the corner remember to not give pets as gifts during the holidays.  It may seem like a good/great idea but once the pet loses its cuteness and becomes an adult from a baby or youngster a lot tend to loose their appeal and end up in shelters because it is a bigger responsibility and expense than most folks think it will be.  

If your child or you want a pet that is Easter themed remember to do a bit of research to find out what your pet may need for food and other care and wait until after Easter is over to decide for everyones sake.  


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