15 Apr

I have a great video link for folks to enjoy and think about  It is very fascinating and interesting. I totally agree with having experiences more than stuff.  It is very interesting but, long so be prepared to sit still for awhile.  

I actually came across this via this site  

This has helped me with dealing with my CDs that I was struggling with.  I have decided to keep a few of my favorite artists/bands.  These include in no particular order Metallica(yes I am still a metal head), Megadeth, Enya, Moody Blues, Tina Turner, and Type O Negative.  I realize that my tastes in music are really diverse and different but, these I think will be the ones to hang on to and to enjoy later maybe not when I turn into an old fuddy duddy but, at least I will have a few I can and will enjoy until then along with some for later in life.  

I hope this helps folks with their issue of whatever it is you are hanging on to. If all else fails take the suggestion from the stuffocation video and put it in a bag for 30 days if you dont get anything out for 30 days then get rid of it.  



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