10 Apr

Well I have not only been having issues with my daughter, I have also been “spring” cleaning my house a bit here and there and I have also been trying to get rid of a lot of my CDs.  I have 2 small boxes filled with CDs and I gotta say that even though I hardly ever listen to them anymore I am still not wanting to get rid of a lot of them. It really stinks.  I will give it a few days and hopefully by next week have another mostly full box going out the door of my CDs.  I have no idea why it is so hard for me to toss most of the lot in a box and be done with it. Maybe my best bet would be to just grab the box of CDs not even go through them and just take them to be sold. I might try that strategy next week.  I mean after all I have not missed them in all this time of not listening to them about 4 years or so give or take.  

I did want to share a link with folks…  It is a great post and I wanted to share it with folks.  


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