Difficult few days

9 Apr

M y daughter last Friday had a COMPLETE and utter melt down.  She called me a monster, said she didnt love me and that she felt that I loved whatever fur creature better than her all because I did not say Yes to her request.  Wow I was at my breaking point Friday and really wanted to run away to France for 6 weeks while my husband had the thrill and joy of dealing with all of this. Along with this fit over whatever and name calling etc comes the screaming and yelling I really feel like I am having PTSD because it has been going on for so long.  I really would have except for the fact I have no passport otherwise I would have probably booked a flight.  Seriously I have just needed a break from the constant battles with her that seem to escalate over little things.  The only time I get a break from all of this is if she spends time with her grandparents on the weekends.  My husband, in laws, and mom all think she is an Angel yeah they have not seen the horns like I have.    

 Sunday she came back early and we had another go round all because her dad had to leave for a little while.  

Monday was more of the same… it all started with her seeing my anniversary gift to my husband (he got it early because he was going to buy it himself and I had no choice but to stop him from getting it). She wanted it for her self and she wanted it NOW!  I had, had enough and actually called my mom I was so fed up and angry. Yup you can think a miracle occurred.  My mom of course did not go through what I am currently going through with our daughter with me yet she still is the one who doesnt love me!  Grrr.    At least a portion of this was all because she wants to spend more time with folks on the weekends.  I asked her if she has told them that and she said no.  I told her that I do not appreciate her making my life a living hell all because she will not ask for what she needs or wants.  Yeah I was not a very kind mom at this juncture after finding out that this was the issue.  

I have now just started to actually physically and mentally hate getting up in the mornings because I am so afraid that I will have to get ready to rumble and have no idea how to stop her from being this way.  I really did not want to get up this morning but, knew I had to.    I really am believing that she will not be bullied in school but will be the bullier instead.  I am also hating when my husband leaves for work because that means I will be alone with her.  By the time the evening comes around and my husband finally comes home I am just wanting to crawl into bed because I am utterly exhausted.   This is no way to live and I hate it that it has become like this for me!  Do not get me wrong folks I do LOVE my daughter but, I am currently HATING the BS I am going through and dealing with.  She is fine around everyone else BUT, ME and it sucks.  JUST once I would love for her to do half the stuff she has done to me to others in the family.  

Today is still young and early. 

Sorry for the rant I am done for now.  


On the plus side my dads Birthday was yesterday so a Happy Belated at least blog wise Birthday to my Dad.  Be seeing you soon and I cant wait for a chance to relax.  


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