4 Apr

ImageImageI thought that since my other belt bag was MIA and that I would never get it.  I decided to order another one for my trip and I got it the same day as my daughters birthday.  So I guess you could say that I got a birthday present on my daughters birthday or whatever.   This one came with a very thin wallet type bag in it so that is great.  

 It is adjustable with a flat head screwdriver and you can make it into a clutch and take off the belt part. 

ImageThis is the companies Manifesto and I absolutely love it and think it is great words to live by.    This one arrived much faster than the week and a half and the whole joy of not knowing where it was.  I am so grateful that they took pity on me and decided to send it FedEx. 

Do I absolutely need 2 of these belt bags no not really but, then again my sister in law will be moving to Columbia so the first one might make a great thing for her to have so that way she can carry her necessities without being possibly robbed.  


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