3 Apr

ImageImageMy daughter enjoyed her birthday celebration except for suffering from a really bad case of the gimmies.  Her dad, my husband gave our daughter her gifts and she of course wanted more.  My husband and I were both not thrilled by this behavior and told her that it was not ok.  She got a lot of books, a doctor kit complete with some dress up items of a set of scrubs, mask, and a lab coat, I gave her $5, her nail polishes, a mini manicure, pedicure and braided her hair, I also gave her 5 5 cent pieces for a total of 25 cents.  We went shoe shopping for her she really needed new tennis shoes and sandals and it was still not enough really?   To me that is a great birthday. She got to see her good friend that we have not seen in a long time and they are expecting another little one.  So congrats to our friends!  

The picture and of course my blog site has other ideas on where exactly I want it placed.  Arrrrrgh.  The picture is of my daughter in her Doctor gear. She looks really cute. 

The first picture is of her nail polish selections that she picked out.  Again ARRRRRGGGGHHH on the placement of my pictures so not where I really wanted them.  Ah well enjoy despite the annoyance. 


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