My little girl is having another birthday

1 Apr

Yup she will be 5 and it seems not so long ago she was portable with few demands other than milk and diaper changes.  

Yesterday was a busy day with making her cake although she did help me and that was awesome.  We made one strawberry and one blueberry cake that will be put together with icing.  Vegan of course I got the recipe from The Complete Idiots Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids they have a great birthday cake recipe that I sort of followed.  

Today will be busy just because she will be getting a mini facial, manicure, and pedicure from me.  It will be a girlie day for us but, still fun.  She also got three new piggy paint nail polishes for her to decide what she wants on her toes and fingers.  I have taken a few pictures of her as a 4 year old and will take some today as a newly minted 5 year old. I will be treating her to lunch her pick and dinner out with a few friends should be fun.  


Happy Birthday to my smart, funny, stubborn, beautiful little girl who is growing up so fast I cant believe how fast time has flown.  Love you sweetheart! 


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