Finally the wait is over

29 Mar

ImageYesterday I finally got my package.  I was waiting for. I did actually hear back from the USPS after leaving an email asking them to call me back.  

Here is what I was waiting for to use on my trip this summer.   Ah well it decided to go above all of my text gotta love this system.  The belt is made from hemp and the bag is Vegan friendly.  I swear it looks and feels just like leather.  It is so soft it kinda freaks me out how good it feels.  

Here is another shot of me actually wearing the bag.  Image Amazing this one actually decided to be put where I wanted it.  

As for talking to my mom it has still not happened.  Yes, I guess I am being rude but, it is hard to start a conversation with someone who was rude to you the last time you spoke.  I called a friend of mine to get some ideas on how to begin a conversation and she gave me a bit of advice.  So hard to feel like talking to someone.  

So the bag fiasco aka package fiasco of 2014 gets even better my poor postal person had left nasty notes to his supervisor regarding my package on my behalf.  Nope not fired and hope he doesnt.  Since he was gone for a few days I guess whomever was on his route royally messed up by delivering packages to folks who had been moved out and gone 3 or more months.  I do plan on putting a tip in for him as soon as I can get to the bank and make sure it is the right person.  Since he went above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.   I normally dont carry much cash so will have to wait until I can get there which I hope will be soon.  

Now that the package fiasco of 2014 has come to a close I feel much better. 

Has anyone had the craziness happen to them in getting their mail or package(s) delivered to them?  Just curious.  



























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