These are the days where I wish I had stayed in bed

27 Mar

Well as you know the lovely USPS lost my package or at least it was in a locked box with no key. Today I tried to catch the mail person but, missed them. I then went back out to leave a note wanting to know when I would be getting the key.  Well today I noticed new keys and locks on both boxes. I checked both of them and no package.  It is now completely LOST!  I had a panic attack when I saw this. I then checked the tracking number on line to see if it might be redelivered.  Nope says it was delivered on the 17th. So then I tried calling and waited on hold for about an hour.  Fortunately I called both the company and the website I ordered the item from to let them know what is going on.  I even put in an email asking the USPS to contact me via phone it might happen and then again it might not.  

The site I ordered the item from is going to try at their end and give me back my money   Whew what a relief to actually talk with a live person.  This is so annoying and I swear I am not making this up I couldnt even spin something like this if I even tried.  So last night I reordered a different style of this item that is completely vegan so this is great and I hope it too does not get utterly and completely lost. When I get it I will post a review and pictures.  I am really wanting this for our trip this summer.  

I spoke with my dad to make sure he got his package and he did so that is a relief. My dad had told my mom that he might come see us this spring but, since he was sick recently (he is fine now) he has decided to stay home and prepare for our visit. We talked about a few places that I would like to see along with one place my daughter wants to go to. 

 I still have not talked to my mom.  Still not sure what to say or even where to begin.  


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