Vented weekend

25 Mar

This past weekend I got my hair cut short so that was good.  I also did a few pamper spring type of things like exfoliate all over with a sugar scrub, and shaved my mass of hair on my legs.  The last time I shaved my legs was around Valentines day.  Yeah, I know maybe disgusting but, I really see no point in shaving my legs when I am in jeans or leggings because it is too cold to go without some sort of leg cover and who is going to see my legs anyway.  

I also got a new book by one of my favorite authors for 30% off so that was really awesome.  

Everyone decided to vent this weekend to me.  First it was my husbands sister and  then it was my mother in law.  I was ok with both of them dumping stuff on me.  

 My mom had been calling me a lot Friday a lot more than usual.  She called me again after sunset (something she never does). I missed her call so tried to call her back of course my phone took this opportunity to die on me so had to borrow my husbands cell phone to call her back.  My mom started in telling me what happened during a doctors apt.  Then she started to complain yet again about our daughter who is 4 riding in her Papaws car in the front seat ( the air bag is turned off so no worries there) saying she was still not happy,  that it was not safe, and that she thought it was illegal for her to be riding in the front seat.  Then the kicker she told me that if they were in an accident that I might not have a child.  This made me extremely angry and I even managed to tighten all the muscles in my chest I was so mad.   I was also driving at the time and had to just hang up on my mom I did say bye to her.  I swear sometimes I wonder if my mom was ever blessed with understanding that sometimes what she says can be extremely rude and very hurtful but, I somehow doubt she really cares.  I  hate to tell her that if the accident is serious enough that our daughter will be hurt and yes there is a possibility that she might die but, I prefer not to think about it.  That is a risk most people deal with while they are in or on a moving vehicle.   

Saturday I called her and left a message with both my father in laws and mother in laws phone numbers so that way she could talk to them about the situation instead of me having to make the change for her.  I also texted my father in law to have him call her.  I have not spoken to her since Friday and seriously doubt I will for awhile I am still mad. I know I should forgive and forget etc. but, it is so hard when all you want to do it just scream.  



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