Feeling Lighter and happier

21 Mar

Well yesterday I got rid of a lot of DVDs and some books and this is what I managed to fill to the top.  

ImageI was rather surprised that I had enough to fill this box but, was very pleased.   I ended up selling the items in the box at a chain store for $25 yeah I know I spent way more but, this amount will get us $25 closer to our dream of traveling over the large pond to various places, it will help if we decide to move with having just a bit less to deal with and it just puts a smile on my face to have these things gone.  I seriously doubt I will miss the books or DVDs.  

A few days ago I finished my moms cowl.  ImageI used the same pattern that I used for my dads.  I used two different colors of purple (my moms favorite color) for the cowl and had fun.  This will probably be her gift for the holidays this year.  So glad it is done so no frantic gotta hurry and finish in X days before the holidays.  

 My dads birthday is coming up as well as my daughters they are about 7 days apart or so in April.  I got his gift sent off today. I gave him a book a mini deck of cards with baby ducks on them (soo cute) and plus he has the added bonus of yell duck at some one as he deals out the cards. Tacky but, still could be fun and I have such a weird sense of humor I would laugh at this. I also sent his card with his gifts.  

Have a great weekend.  


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