Ahhh Spring

20 Mar

Hopefully where you live it is getting a bit warmer.  There are the usual suspects of spring flowers daffodils, tulips etc.  The upside to spring is it will be getting warmer, the days will be getting longer, summer is on its way, and hopefully winter will release its icy grip.  The downside is the sneezing if you have seasonal allergies.  

 Remember to enjoy the seasonal produce that you can find such as leeks, asparagus, bok choy etc.  It is fleeting how long these are available to return next year.  I made last night a wonderful curry with leeks, asparagus, coconut milk and garbanzo beans.  So tasty I forgot to make the rice and it was still great “naked”.   I found this in Local Bounty Seasonal Vegan Recipies cookbook.  


Happy Spring and if weather permits go outside and enjoy yourself.  


I watched a few documentaries last night one titled MaxedOut and the other Foodmatters I encourage folks to rent, borrow from friends, family etc., watch on Netflicks or buy as a last resort.  

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my DVD collection and deciding what stays and what goes.  Should be fun.  I will of course keep what I cant find at the Library or absolutely cant part with i honestly cant think of any except my Monty Python and Looney Tunes will stay for sure.  This will be my “spring cleaning”.  

Will you be spring cleaning anything?  


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