19 Mar

 I have been panicking over one of my orders that I placed.  Let me explain.  I have a tracking number and have been trying to see when I would be getting the package.  Well yesterday I checked and it said it was out for delivery.  I thought great.  So when I checked mail no package and no key to the box for larger packages.  Huh?  So I checked again it said that it was delivered at 12:02 pm my time so I thought I might have missed it.  So I went and checked mail again.  Still nothing.  

Today I flagged down our mail person and talked with them.  Basically the key for one of the boxes is missing so he will have to put in an order for a new lock and once that is done I will get the key in my box and then have my package.  Seems like such a lot of fuss for one package.

I am excited because my daughters 5th birthday is coming up soon. April 1 no foolin.  It is almost hard to believe she will be 5 when it seems like yesterday she was only a baby.  She has grown so much in such a short amount of time. I still miss her being so small.  

For her birthday we are planning a spa day. I wanted to take her to a local salon where she could be pampered for about $50 but, alas the salon decided to no longer offer this.   So instead she will get her piggies and fingers painted by me.  I will give her a mini facial and even braid her hair.   She picked out three new polishes for her birthday again this is my reason to panic.  Gotta have those nail polishes before her birthday and with any luck I hope to have them by the end of the week. I am taking her out to lunch her choice and then dinner at our favorite local pizza place. I hope it is a fun day for her.  Her dad even got the day off so she can spend some time with her dad on her birthday as well. 

Her cake will be pink/red and blue with vanilla frosting.  She wants a cake with strawberries and one with blueberries.  I am fine with this.  It will not be gluten free but, it will be vegan. I will be making it at home so the cost will be minimal on this.  


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