Photo bombed again!

18 Mar

I have been reading Plastic Free by Beth Terry and I decided to go ahead and see just how bad my plastic consumption really is and try and take steps on reducing the amount as much as possible.  So without further ado here is my picture of my plastic use for one week. Several things are not pictured like the reused plastic bags I use for pet waste daily with two per day just for that, along with one big tall kitchen bag for our other waste usually once a week.  I also did not deal with my daughters nor my husbands plastic waste.  So all in all this would be a lot higher.  I was just going for my own individual plastic waste.  


ImageAS you can see my lovely cat decided to photo bomb yet once again  this of course is Bri because i have a lot of “lovely” plastic that she might be able to chew on.  

I admit that I will take steps to reduce my plastic use even more by using the bulk bins for nuts and other treats for a snack.   That will get rid of a good portion of them. I will also bring my own containers even the ones I usually use that are plastic. I will take more steps in personal care products to get rid of my plastic by just using what I have and trying to refill what I already use and if not finding a plastic free alternative.  

Try this for one week and see what you come up with and see where you can reduce or eliminate what you “normally” use with other alternatives that do not involve plastic.  

You can read Beth Terry’s book for some of her suggestions on more plastic free alternatives.   


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