Whats a girl to do?

14 Mar

Well in the interest of not being perfect…yesterday I ordered a few items online.  I almost feel as though I let myself down getting more things/clutter.  On the upside to this little buying frenzy.  I only got two items from a site called Pure Citizen that donates a portion of your order to good causes.   The items I purchased are some hair chalks that are made from vegan ingredients and has no plastic packaging so the packaging will biodegrade without taking 1000s of years to go away.  The other item I purchased is a fanny pack/belt bag that I can use for travel so this way (hopefully) it will be harder for people to try and take my stuff again made from vegan/re purposed materials plus it will be a good reminder to not take the “kitchen sink” with me when I do travel.  

The other thing was finding a really great deal on spring travel to……wait for it…….Paris.  I was soooo tempted to go for it.  France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ireland, UK and Scotland are on my bucket list or heck the places I really want to see before I die.  I would also love to go to Egypt but, not now with their political issues.  

What is on your bucket list?  Have you crossed any off? 

So what would you do would you grab that awesome deal to get you to Paris for this spring or would you sit back and wait until you had just a bit more money and could spend more time there to see the whole country? 


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