Chaps my hide

11 Mar

It seems that every ok maybe not every time our daughter goes and visits my in laws for the weekend they have something negative to say. Last weekend it was the fact that “she ate like a d*#n pig” .  Well lets see she was in the middle of a growth spurt and so that is what she does (just fyi it takes a lot of energy for a body to grow).  

This weekend was the clincher of negative comments “Our daughter cant sit still and will do poorly when she gets into kindergarten”, “She is not socialized with other kids”, “She is losing weight”, ” She is not getting enough protein”  because we do not take her daily to McPukes for something gross aka dead cow or chicken flesh.  Wow I had no idea that by the age of 5 kids were supposed to do quantum physics, have homework,  create their own symphony just because Mozart was able to do it at age 4 doesnt mean my daughter has to andoh yeah cease being a kid.  Sorry gotta be a bit sarcastic about this whole mess.  She is losing some of her body fat admittedly because she is burning it off from the growth spurt.   Fun fact your dark green leafy veggies have more protein than any meat you can throw at a person and it is easier to digest  plus think of Gorillas what do they eat?  Does anyone panic because they are not gaining muscle? .  Plus she gets plenty of protein in some of what she eats.  She is plenty socialized just because she never went to day care does not mean she does not know how to “play” with other kids.  We go to the park when we can and she plays with kids sometimes they are younger than she is and sometimes they are older.    So any ideas on how to combat this negativity they seem to pile on when our daughter goes for a visit?  It just makes me so mad and makes me feel like we are “bad” parents.   Thankfully they do not say this to our daughter just to my husband.   Does anyone have any ideas of things to say without starting possible WWIII?  


Here is a great article and a lot of things I do to stay as debt free as possible.   These tips apply to both men and women.  As you can tell women are the target audience.


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