To throw a fit or not

6 Mar

I went shopping for food this past week and was really looking forward to making myself some Manicotti especially since I found some tofu ricotta “cheese” that melts great. This was my plan for food for this week to eat and would last me most of the week with the possible exception of Friday.  Well as I was looking at the pasta selections no Manicotti shells.  So now what was I supposed to eat for the week especially, since I hate to deviate from my list that I made up before I went shopping?  Go talk with the manager and complain? Vow never to shop at my favorite and only Co-op?  I decided to not throw a fit and instead decided to go with my standby of making up a stir fry.  I do not need a list of specialized ingredients and I can just make it up on the fly so to speak. So I went over to the produce section and grabbed what I felt would be great in this dish.  I choose a green cabbage with a special name (sorry forgot what it was called exactly), some shiitaki mushrooms, some loose celery, and a small head of broccoli.  I knew we had some carrots at home along with rice so no need to get them at the store.  

My stir fry came out great and was very tasty.  I even threw in some tofu that I marinated in some soy sauce with a bit of ginger.

This gave me a chance to have more vegetables in my diet because I have not been very good with the cold weather of eating a lot of healthy veggies lately.  I know you would think a Vegan would eat more vegetables sadly for me it is sometimes not true. I have been eating a lot of pasta with few veggies and only seem to get my veggies when I make a smoothie once a week and add some of my bunnies veggies to it.  

So what do you do when faced with a similar situation?  Do you have a go to dish that you fix when ingredients are either scarce or not available?   If you dont then what do you decide to do about the situation?   


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