Digging a hole to China?

5 Mar

This weekend we got more snow after being in the upper 50’s and 60’s for the weekend.  So fun.  Now there is snow on the ground I really hope that the rest of March or at the very least by March 20 we cease and desist with the snow and cold.  Of course our temps will be going back up to the 50s by the weekend with more precipitation and possible snow on the way.  Whew what a roller coaster ride in the way of weather.  

I have discovered a few things behavior wise regarding Noel my lovely rabbit.  

 1.  Rabbits will dig and no it does not necessarily mean they will dig where you would prefer them to.  Carpet and other flooring materials are fair game.   Noel has been digging her litter box out into her area along with the paper bedding and has been digging her paper bedding out. There are times when I really think she is trying to reach China.  

2.  Rabbits will poo, rub their chin, and pee to mark their territory.  This was a bit frustrating to me because I would just clean out her area and then I would go to check food, water or whatever and there would be poo.  I had to look it up I admit in the Rabbits for Dummies Book and this was all explained. At first I just thought she was being contrary. Nope just doing her natural thing nothing to see folks.  

So the next time your rabbit does any of these things it is for the most part normal. Not saying it might be your rabbit being a snot but, not likely. 

I do want to add a few links that I think are great articles regarding being Vegan and they might just help you.  



I also have a few book recommendations for folks of books I am currently reading.  

Plastic Free by Beth Terry. in it she gives tips for reducing your use of plastic and some plastic free alternatives to products we all use every day along with websites for encouraging change.  I have not read it all yet but, I hope to finish it and make a few or a lot of changes in my life.  

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HIll. If you want a crash course on the history of a few movers and shakers of the 20th Century along with ways to improve your financial life this is a great book to read. Yes the original copy right is rather dated ok really dated but, the advice still applies today. 

I am not encouraging folks to run out and buy the books but, they are available via Amazon, other websites,  your local library, or if you want to purchase them I always encourage folks to try used bookstores instead of buying new. 


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