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Finally the wait is over

29 Mar

ImageYesterday I finally got my package.  I was waiting for. I did actually hear back from the USPS after leaving an email asking them to call me back.  

Here is what I was waiting for to use on my trip this summer.   Ah well it decided to go above all of my text gotta love this system.  The belt is made from hemp and the bag is Vegan friendly.  I swear it looks and feels just like leather.  It is so soft it kinda freaks me out how good it feels.  

Here is another shot of me actually wearing the bag.  Image Amazing this one actually decided to be put where I wanted it.  

As for talking to my mom it has still not happened.  Yes, I guess I am being rude but, it is hard to start a conversation with someone who was rude to you the last time you spoke.  I called a friend of mine to get some ideas on how to begin a conversation and she gave me a bit of advice.  So hard to feel like talking to someone.  

So the bag fiasco aka package fiasco of 2014 gets even better my poor postal person had left nasty notes to his supervisor regarding my package on my behalf.  Nope not fired and hope he doesnt.  Since he was gone for a few days I guess whomever was on his route royally messed up by delivering packages to folks who had been moved out and gone 3 or more months.  I do plan on putting a tip in for him as soon as I can get to the bank and make sure it is the right person.  Since he went above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.   I normally dont carry much cash so will have to wait until I can get there which I hope will be soon.  

Now that the package fiasco of 2014 has come to a close I feel much better. 

Has anyone had the craziness happen to them in getting their mail or package(s) delivered to them?  Just curious.  


























These are the days where I wish I had stayed in bed

27 Mar

Well as you know the lovely USPS lost my package or at least it was in a locked box with no key. Today I tried to catch the mail person but, missed them. I then went back out to leave a note wanting to know when I would be getting the key.  Well today I noticed new keys and locks on both boxes. I checked both of them and no package.  It is now completely LOST!  I had a panic attack when I saw this. I then checked the tracking number on line to see if it might be redelivered.  Nope says it was delivered on the 17th. So then I tried calling and waited on hold for about an hour.  Fortunately I called both the company and the website I ordered the item from to let them know what is going on.  I even put in an email asking the USPS to contact me via phone it might happen and then again it might not.  

The site I ordered the item from is going to try at their end and give me back my money   Whew what a relief to actually talk with a live person.  This is so annoying and I swear I am not making this up I couldnt even spin something like this if I even tried.  So last night I reordered a different style of this item that is completely vegan so this is great and I hope it too does not get utterly and completely lost. When I get it I will post a review and pictures.  I am really wanting this for our trip this summer.  

I spoke with my dad to make sure he got his package and he did so that is a relief. My dad had told my mom that he might come see us this spring but, since he was sick recently (he is fine now) he has decided to stay home and prepare for our visit. We talked about a few places that I would like to see along with one place my daughter wants to go to. 

 I still have not talked to my mom.  Still not sure what to say or even where to begin.  

Vented weekend

25 Mar

This past weekend I got my hair cut short so that was good.  I also did a few pamper spring type of things like exfoliate all over with a sugar scrub, and shaved my mass of hair on my legs.  The last time I shaved my legs was around Valentines day.  Yeah, I know maybe disgusting but, I really see no point in shaving my legs when I am in jeans or leggings because it is too cold to go without some sort of leg cover and who is going to see my legs anyway.  

I also got a new book by one of my favorite authors for 30% off so that was really awesome.  

Everyone decided to vent this weekend to me.  First it was my husbands sister and  then it was my mother in law.  I was ok with both of them dumping stuff on me.  

 My mom had been calling me a lot Friday a lot more than usual.  She called me again after sunset (something she never does). I missed her call so tried to call her back of course my phone took this opportunity to die on me so had to borrow my husbands cell phone to call her back.  My mom started in telling me what happened during a doctors apt.  Then she started to complain yet again about our daughter who is 4 riding in her Papaws car in the front seat ( the air bag is turned off so no worries there) saying she was still not happy,  that it was not safe, and that she thought it was illegal for her to be riding in the front seat.  Then the kicker she told me that if they were in an accident that I might not have a child.  This made me extremely angry and I even managed to tighten all the muscles in my chest I was so mad.   I was also driving at the time and had to just hang up on my mom I did say bye to her.  I swear sometimes I wonder if my mom was ever blessed with understanding that sometimes what she says can be extremely rude and very hurtful but, I somehow doubt she really cares.  I  hate to tell her that if the accident is serious enough that our daughter will be hurt and yes there is a possibility that she might die but, I prefer not to think about it.  That is a risk most people deal with while they are in or on a moving vehicle.   

Saturday I called her and left a message with both my father in laws and mother in laws phone numbers so that way she could talk to them about the situation instead of me having to make the change for her.  I also texted my father in law to have him call her.  I have not spoken to her since Friday and seriously doubt I will for awhile I am still mad. I know I should forgive and forget etc. but, it is so hard when all you want to do it just scream.  


Feeling Lighter and happier

21 Mar

Well yesterday I got rid of a lot of DVDs and some books and this is what I managed to fill to the top.  

ImageI was rather surprised that I had enough to fill this box but, was very pleased.   I ended up selling the items in the box at a chain store for $25 yeah I know I spent way more but, this amount will get us $25 closer to our dream of traveling over the large pond to various places, it will help if we decide to move with having just a bit less to deal with and it just puts a smile on my face to have these things gone.  I seriously doubt I will miss the books or DVDs.  

A few days ago I finished my moms cowl.  ImageI used the same pattern that I used for my dads.  I used two different colors of purple (my moms favorite color) for the cowl and had fun.  This will probably be her gift for the holidays this year.  So glad it is done so no frantic gotta hurry and finish in X days before the holidays.  

 My dads birthday is coming up as well as my daughters they are about 7 days apart or so in April.  I got his gift sent off today. I gave him a book a mini deck of cards with baby ducks on them (soo cute) and plus he has the added bonus of yell duck at some one as he deals out the cards. Tacky but, still could be fun and I have such a weird sense of humor I would laugh at this. I also sent his card with his gifts.  

Have a great weekend.  

Ahhh Spring

20 Mar

Hopefully where you live it is getting a bit warmer.  There are the usual suspects of spring flowers daffodils, tulips etc.  The upside to spring is it will be getting warmer, the days will be getting longer, summer is on its way, and hopefully winter will release its icy grip.  The downside is the sneezing if you have seasonal allergies.  

 Remember to enjoy the seasonal produce that you can find such as leeks, asparagus, bok choy etc.  It is fleeting how long these are available to return next year.  I made last night a wonderful curry with leeks, asparagus, coconut milk and garbanzo beans.  So tasty I forgot to make the rice and it was still great “naked”.   I found this in Local Bounty Seasonal Vegan Recipies cookbook.  


Happy Spring and if weather permits go outside and enjoy yourself.  


I watched a few documentaries last night one titled MaxedOut and the other Foodmatters I encourage folks to rent, borrow from friends, family etc., watch on Netflicks or buy as a last resort.  

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my DVD collection and deciding what stays and what goes.  Should be fun.  I will of course keep what I cant find at the Library or absolutely cant part with i honestly cant think of any except my Monty Python and Looney Tunes will stay for sure.  This will be my “spring cleaning”.  

Will you be spring cleaning anything?  


19 Mar

 I have been panicking over one of my orders that I placed.  Let me explain.  I have a tracking number and have been trying to see when I would be getting the package.  Well yesterday I checked and it said it was out for delivery.  I thought great.  So when I checked mail no package and no key to the box for larger packages.  Huh?  So I checked again it said that it was delivered at 12:02 pm my time so I thought I might have missed it.  So I went and checked mail again.  Still nothing.  

Today I flagged down our mail person and talked with them.  Basically the key for one of the boxes is missing so he will have to put in an order for a new lock and once that is done I will get the key in my box and then have my package.  Seems like such a lot of fuss for one package.

I am excited because my daughters 5th birthday is coming up soon. April 1 no foolin.  It is almost hard to believe she will be 5 when it seems like yesterday she was only a baby.  She has grown so much in such a short amount of time. I still miss her being so small.  

For her birthday we are planning a spa day. I wanted to take her to a local salon where she could be pampered for about $50 but, alas the salon decided to no longer offer this.   So instead she will get her piggies and fingers painted by me.  I will give her a mini facial and even braid her hair.   She picked out three new polishes for her birthday again this is my reason to panic.  Gotta have those nail polishes before her birthday and with any luck I hope to have them by the end of the week. I am taking her out to lunch her choice and then dinner at our favorite local pizza place. I hope it is a fun day for her.  Her dad even got the day off so she can spend some time with her dad on her birthday as well. 

Her cake will be pink/red and blue with vanilla frosting.  She wants a cake with strawberries and one with blueberries.  I am fine with this.  It will not be gluten free but, it will be vegan. I will be making it at home so the cost will be minimal on this.  

Photo bombed again!

18 Mar

I have been reading Plastic Free by Beth Terry and I decided to go ahead and see just how bad my plastic consumption really is and try and take steps on reducing the amount as much as possible.  So without further ado here is my picture of my plastic use for one week. Several things are not pictured like the reused plastic bags I use for pet waste daily with two per day just for that, along with one big tall kitchen bag for our other waste usually once a week.  I also did not deal with my daughters nor my husbands plastic waste.  So all in all this would be a lot higher.  I was just going for my own individual plastic waste.  


ImageAS you can see my lovely cat decided to photo bomb yet once again  this of course is Bri because i have a lot of “lovely” plastic that she might be able to chew on.  

I admit that I will take steps to reduce my plastic use even more by using the bulk bins for nuts and other treats for a snack.   That will get rid of a good portion of them. I will also bring my own containers even the ones I usually use that are plastic. I will take more steps in personal care products to get rid of my plastic by just using what I have and trying to refill what I already use and if not finding a plastic free alternative.  

Try this for one week and see what you come up with and see where you can reduce or eliminate what you “normally” use with other alternatives that do not involve plastic.  

You can read Beth Terry’s book for some of her suggestions on more plastic free alternatives.   

Whats a girl to do?

14 Mar

Well in the interest of not being perfect…yesterday I ordered a few items online.  I almost feel as though I let myself down getting more things/clutter.  On the upside to this little buying frenzy.  I only got two items from a site called Pure Citizen that donates a portion of your order to good causes.   The items I purchased are some hair chalks that are made from vegan ingredients and has no plastic packaging so the packaging will biodegrade without taking 1000s of years to go away.  The other item I purchased is a fanny pack/belt bag that I can use for travel so this way (hopefully) it will be harder for people to try and take my stuff again made from vegan/re purposed materials plus it will be a good reminder to not take the “kitchen sink” with me when I do travel.  

The other thing was finding a really great deal on spring travel to……wait for it…….Paris.  I was soooo tempted to go for it.  France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Ireland, UK and Scotland are on my bucket list or heck the places I really want to see before I die.  I would also love to go to Egypt but, not now with their political issues.  

What is on your bucket list?  Have you crossed any off? 

So what would you do would you grab that awesome deal to get you to Paris for this spring or would you sit back and wait until you had just a bit more money and could spend more time there to see the whole country? 

Chaps my hide

11 Mar

It seems that every ok maybe not every time our daughter goes and visits my in laws for the weekend they have something negative to say. Last weekend it was the fact that “she ate like a d*#n pig” .  Well lets see she was in the middle of a growth spurt and so that is what she does (just fyi it takes a lot of energy for a body to grow).  

This weekend was the clincher of negative comments “Our daughter cant sit still and will do poorly when she gets into kindergarten”, “She is not socialized with other kids”, “She is losing weight”, ” She is not getting enough protein”  because we do not take her daily to McPukes for something gross aka dead cow or chicken flesh.  Wow I had no idea that by the age of 5 kids were supposed to do quantum physics, have homework,  create their own symphony just because Mozart was able to do it at age 4 doesnt mean my daughter has to andoh yeah cease being a kid.  Sorry gotta be a bit sarcastic about this whole mess.  She is losing some of her body fat admittedly because she is burning it off from the growth spurt.   Fun fact your dark green leafy veggies have more protein than any meat you can throw at a person and it is easier to digest  plus think of Gorillas what do they eat?  Does anyone panic because they are not gaining muscle? .  Plus she gets plenty of protein in some of what she eats.  She is plenty socialized just because she never went to day care does not mean she does not know how to “play” with other kids.  We go to the park when we can and she plays with kids sometimes they are younger than she is and sometimes they are older.    So any ideas on how to combat this negativity they seem to pile on when our daughter goes for a visit?  It just makes me so mad and makes me feel like we are “bad” parents.   Thankfully they do not say this to our daughter just to my husband.   Does anyone have any ideas of things to say without starting possible WWIII?  


Here is a great article and a lot of things I do to stay as debt free as possible.   These tips apply to both men and women.  As you can tell women are the target audience.

Spring forward

7 Mar

It is that annoying or great time of year again if you live in the US where most of us with the exception of Arizona get to spring forward one hour.  What this means is we loose an hour of sleep and will get to enjoy more daylight in our lives.  So this is just a quick reminder to folks to yet once again change your clock, sleeping time (maybe), eating time etc.  Basically a real annoyance while you get adjusted. 


I really wish I lived in Arizona some days.  It would just make life more simpler and not have to get adjusted to a new time twice a year if we could just be standard time of whatever time zone we live in.  

Are you annoyed or do you enjoy this time changing?