Product review

25 Feb

I ordered recently another jacket from Scottevest.  This one is more appropriate for warmer weather.  It is their Sterling Jacket for women.  It has 23 pockets, the sleeves can be unzipped and you can wear it as a vest. There is an RFID pocket so that way you can store your id or credit cards in this pocket.  I got it in black and it looks great on me.  I was wanting a jacket for spring/fall weather for me and I might take it with me when we go to see my dad.  This is a great jacket and I love having all the pockets plus the fact that you can add a bottle of water and store it inside your jacket.  I was needing a light weight jacket because my other one has been feeling a bit tight in the arm pit area. 

This weekend was ok. I had insomnia really bad Saturday night and was unable to get to sleep until after 1 am Sunday and then of course slept in until after 10 to try and feel like I got enough sleep. My husband did take me out to lunch Sunday for some Indian food sooo yummy and good. 

What do you do to help you get to sleep when you have insomnia?  


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