Ho Hum

22 Feb

Today is a ho hum day why because I got out of bed in a cranky mood.  Oops.   Now I am just going to stop trying to get my husband up in the mornings because frankly it makes me cranky and puts me in a bad mood.  He Never gets up when his alarm clock goes off.  Yes I know most of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button a few times but, for more than an hour well lets just say I cry FOUL and since it puts me in a foul mood.  I am going to leave him alone for at least a month and hope I can keep doing this until he just gets up on his own no matter how late he gets to work or comes home.  I have been trying to get him up early because our daughter tends to get in a foul mood whenever she thinks that her dad should be home from work and then her mood just spirals downhill into tantrums and my personal favorite screaming.  

 I also did not sleep that well last night because we had severe weather and just as I was about to nod off I heard a siren which basically meant we were under the threat of having a tornado.  So much fun.  So I told my daughter she needed to get downstairs Now and tried to get Sin my other cat who was sleeping on top of me to go downstairs as well. Then of course I forgot my phone so had to go back up to get it so I could warn my mom and friends.  See an exciting night but, does nothing for getting decent sleep.  I really hope we do not get any more of this until spring which “starts” March 20th is the first “official” day of spring.  Until then I can wait for the possible excitement to begin.  


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