Slow steps

19 Feb

Well today is the first day that I actually set my alarm and got up almost as soon as it went off but, I am taking small steps to get back on my schedule of getting up before dawn, and do some yoga.  I have unfortunately been not doing any of the above partly due to the suffering from the ick and the extreme cold weather.  So this week I will be “getting up” at 7:30 am our time and keep going back a half hour each week until I am back to my usual time.  As for the yoga I will try to get back into it next week and hope that even though we will be getting back into the low 50s we will not dip back down to the balmy 20s next week.  I really hate the yo yo ride of winter and spring.  I know it is necessary to get used to the higher temperatures but, this weather right now makes me want to go and get my hair cut for spring but, I also know that it is not quite time for it.  Guess I am getting spring fever early or something.  Plus I am really wanting to declutter more of my stuff and get started on my DVD and CD collection and get rid of most of that.  

Take care and remember Ghost Pepper arrgh I did it again. 



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