Two words

18 Feb

Ghost Pepper.  Wow even typing it I am already starting to drool.  Let me explain.  My husband decided to buy a bottle of Ghost pepper with another pepper added and garlic for good measure.   In my attempt to get rid of this ick that I have been suffering from I decided to go to our favorite tex-mex restaurant and order a burrito and then add the above.  Unfortunately I did not put a drop nope I added a full splash.  Lets just say the cartoon where Rodger Rabbit is running around in circles after drinking Tabasco sauce with his mouth on fire and smoke coming out of his ears just makes me want to laugh because I honestly felt like the same was happening to me except for the fact that the restaurant was too crowded for me to be running around in circles.  I seriously would have done it if I thought it would have helped me.  I was also wishing I had a sopaipilla with a lot of honey or something on it.  So instead I was picturing myself going out into a clean snow bank and sticking my head in and having steam coming off me still could not do.  So to put the extreme fire out in my mouth I ate tortilla chips and had some of my husbands coke since I was drinking water and the fire finally stopped.  

 The next day it was worth it because I got rid of a lot of ick in my system.  The initial pain and agony was not too much fun but, I am feeling a lot better.  I just need to take it easier on the Ghost Pepper and add a drop at a time and make sure I have something high in sugar to drink or near by.   

This weekend I did get rid of a lot of things off to Goodwill finally and I donated a coat that was too small for my daughter so feeling good.  

Monday my husband had the day off so that was nice we all got to spend a lot of time together with each other and my daughter got prime dad time which, she has been needing or just wanting.  This week I might actually make it to the bank without it being a holiday because we will be having warmer weather and my husband can start taking his motorcycle to work.  I am really thrilled.    


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