Makin a dent

12 Feb

Still feeling a bit under but, it is a slow process.  My appetite which had been down in the dumps mainly because I could not smell very well due to a stuffed up nose.  

Last week I made a huge dent into getting rid of a lot of my daughters toys that she was no longer playing with or that were plastic goodness that I wanted gone for the most part.  It was a lot of fun for me at least.  I did this without my daughters consent mainly because she would never would have agreed and plus to avoid the drama.  Plus I got rid of a blouse that no longer fits me the way I would like for it to and it is a bit tight.  I got rid of a jacket that my daughter said was too tight for her.  That will be donated to a place that collects coats for people in need.  

The items have not left the house yet but, as soon as I can get the car and not have my daughter around it will be out of the house.  It feels very liberating to get rid of a lot of things.

I did have to add a few things to my collection of stuff.  I had to buy a new coffee cup.  No I did not really need to do this because we have “plenty” but, not one that I wanted to “call my own or even that fits me”.   Plus I have plenty at my moms but, did not want to “bless” her with this lovely illness.  What can I say I need a coffee cup with a bit of personality.  I needed one because my old one was chipped in a few places and had a hairline crack forming on both sides of the handle.  Trust me really hot coffee in your lap is no fun because your handle breaks.  So I decided to avoid this fun and drama.  

I also got a small note pad with a pencil attached to put in my purse and just carry along in my pocket if needed.  The reason was because I was so hoarse that I was fully expecting to loose my voice so having a small pad and pencil to write down and communicate with people would be great.  I do know some ASL but, I do not know every word.  So I felt that this was an ok expense and pickup to get.  Plus I had a great excuse to go to a coffee shop and get another honey flavored latte.  

One side note with the astragalus if you are on any medications please consult your doctor before you take this for possible drug interactions.  

Here are pics of my new mug.  




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