Still ill but getting back into the swing

11 Feb

Wow has this thing kicked my backside but good.  The daughter is still feeling lousy as well but, is starting to feel a bit better.  

I am at least getting more sleep and am sounding less like Roz from Monsters Inc. the elderly lady in Beetlejuice.  

This weekend we ran a few errands, stopped at the library, stopped by the store to get a few items that my husband failed to get.   I got some cough syrup that is an expectorant to get rid of this and some astragalus an herb that is THE herb to get rid of anything that ails ya.  It is better than echinacea because it only helps if you arent already sick.  Astragalus will burn in a way whatever is bothering you sick or not or if you want to just stay well.  

Here is a bit of our weather last week 

Image we got not only ice but, also snow.  Gotta love winter weather and all it weirdness.  I just hope that this spring we do not have what we had last year.  


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