8 Feb

Well my daughter and I have been ill this past week.  

For me it began Monday night with a sore throat.  Tuesday I woke up to being stuffed up and little to no sneezing.  Also had swollen glands as well in my throat.  My daughter had a high fever Monday night and is stuffed up and sneezing.  She and I both feel rather rotten.  

Today is the first day I felt ok enough to check email and delete most of it.  Plus it is the first day I put make up on.  Really hate this cold/infection that I have.  I know both my daughter and I are sick of being sick.  

On a plus side I made reservations for both of us to go to Nebraska to see my dad.  We will be getting in a bit closer instead of landing in Kansas City about 3 1/2 hours away driving for my dad it will be 2 hrs.  Not too bad.  We will be leaving in early June.  i am excited and thrilled.  Plus will be glad that it will be warmer at that time as well.  I personally will be glad to see spring.  I am tired of winter.  

That is all that is new for now.  Have a great weekend and stay warm and healthy. 


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