The car ownership joys

4 Feb

Well good news today the car runs and we did not seize the engine although we might have come close plus we only got 3.7 inches of very wet snow instead of the 5-10 they were predicting.  

Yesterday I took the car out to run an errand and go to a coffee shop for some hot sweet goodness.   The car was running fine and no lights of doom came on.  

My husband had to go pick up our daughter from his parents place about 30 min. or so away.  As my husband was driving back the oil light came on which, was odd since we had it changed the weekend before last.  He got a quart of oil and put it in that we had a spare of in the trunk.  Then he went in search of more at the only store open and was told that the quart that he put in was all over the parking space.  No way could it be driven with it leaking oil that quickly and that badly so I called his mom and she brought oil to my husband but, unfortunately they had to stay the night at his parents place.  The house has been quiet too quiet.  The energy is just gone and there is a huge void.  It makes me wonder how I survived living on my own.  It just feels weird and lonely.  

The car is now fixed it was the drain plug and I forgot last time to forewarn them to make sure it is on tight.  So now there is fresh oil, the drain plug and gasket have been replaced.  Whew!  Potential disaster averted.  Not sure I will be going back to where we got our oil changed anytime soon.  


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