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One project done

27 Feb

Well I finally got my dads holiday gift finished before it got too warm to work with this particular yarn.  On the upside it will hopefully help my dad to stay warm next winter.  I hope he likes it.  ImageAs you might be able to tell I used two different colors of wool for an interesting contrast.  I hope to make another one for my mom for next year along with finishing at some point in time the bag I started for my dad.  


Product review

25 Feb

I ordered recently another jacket from Scottevest.  This one is more appropriate for warmer weather.  It is their Sterling Jacket for women.  It has 23 pockets, the sleeves can be unzipped and you can wear it as a vest. There is an RFID pocket so that way you can store your id or credit cards in this pocket.  I got it in black and it looks great on me.  I was wanting a jacket for spring/fall weather for me and I might take it with me when we go to see my dad.  This is a great jacket and I love having all the pockets plus the fact that you can add a bottle of water and store it inside your jacket.  I was needing a light weight jacket because my other one has been feeling a bit tight in the arm pit area. 

This weekend was ok. I had insomnia really bad Saturday night and was unable to get to sleep until after 1 am Sunday and then of course slept in until after 10 to try and feel like I got enough sleep. My husband did take me out to lunch Sunday for some Indian food sooo yummy and good. 

What do you do to help you get to sleep when you have insomnia?  

Ho Hum

22 Feb

Today is a ho hum day why because I got out of bed in a cranky mood.  Oops.   Now I am just going to stop trying to get my husband up in the mornings because frankly it makes me cranky and puts me in a bad mood.  He Never gets up when his alarm clock goes off.  Yes I know most of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button a few times but, for more than an hour well lets just say I cry FOUL and since it puts me in a foul mood.  I am going to leave him alone for at least a month and hope I can keep doing this until he just gets up on his own no matter how late he gets to work or comes home.  I have been trying to get him up early because our daughter tends to get in a foul mood whenever she thinks that her dad should be home from work and then her mood just spirals downhill into tantrums and my personal favorite screaming.  

 I also did not sleep that well last night because we had severe weather and just as I was about to nod off I heard a siren which basically meant we were under the threat of having a tornado.  So much fun.  So I told my daughter she needed to get downstairs Now and tried to get Sin my other cat who was sleeping on top of me to go downstairs as well. Then of course I forgot my phone so had to go back up to get it so I could warn my mom and friends.  See an exciting night but, does nothing for getting decent sleep.  I really hope we do not get any more of this until spring which “starts” March 20th is the first “official” day of spring.  Until then I can wait for the possible excitement to begin.  

Spring is here?

21 Feb

Well looking at this you might think it is here a month or so early but, our weather even though the predicted high is 70.  By Friday we might be down to the upper 40s and going down ugh.  


Image Yup once again my lovely cat Bri decided to photo bomb this one as well.  Crazy cat and normally when I am taking a picture of her I get a drop dead look.  Gotta love cats. 

Slow steps

19 Feb

Well today is the first day that I actually set my alarm and got up almost as soon as it went off but, I am taking small steps to get back on my schedule of getting up before dawn, and do some yoga.  I have unfortunately been not doing any of the above partly due to the suffering from the ick and the extreme cold weather.  So this week I will be “getting up” at 7:30 am our time and keep going back a half hour each week until I am back to my usual time.  As for the yoga I will try to get back into it next week and hope that even though we will be getting back into the low 50s we will not dip back down to the balmy 20s next week.  I really hate the yo yo ride of winter and spring.  I know it is necessary to get used to the higher temperatures but, this weather right now makes me want to go and get my hair cut for spring but, I also know that it is not quite time for it.  Guess I am getting spring fever early or something.  Plus I am really wanting to declutter more of my stuff and get started on my DVD and CD collection and get rid of most of that.  

Take care and remember Ghost Pepper arrgh I did it again. 


Two words

18 Feb

Ghost Pepper.  Wow even typing it I am already starting to drool.  Let me explain.  My husband decided to buy a bottle of Ghost pepper with another pepper added and garlic for good measure.   In my attempt to get rid of this ick that I have been suffering from I decided to go to our favorite tex-mex restaurant and order a burrito and then add the above.  Unfortunately I did not put a drop nope I added a full splash.  Lets just say the cartoon where Rodger Rabbit is running around in circles after drinking Tabasco sauce with his mouth on fire and smoke coming out of his ears just makes me want to laugh because I honestly felt like the same was happening to me except for the fact that the restaurant was too crowded for me to be running around in circles.  I seriously would have done it if I thought it would have helped me.  I was also wishing I had a sopaipilla with a lot of honey or something on it.  So instead I was picturing myself going out into a clean snow bank and sticking my head in and having steam coming off me still could not do.  So to put the extreme fire out in my mouth I ate tortilla chips and had some of my husbands coke since I was drinking water and the fire finally stopped.  

 The next day it was worth it because I got rid of a lot of ick in my system.  The initial pain and agony was not too much fun but, I am feeling a lot better.  I just need to take it easier on the Ghost Pepper and add a drop at a time and make sure I have something high in sugar to drink or near by.   

This weekend I did get rid of a lot of things off to Goodwill finally and I donated a coat that was too small for my daughter so feeling good.  

Monday my husband had the day off so that was nice we all got to spend a lot of time together with each other and my daughter got prime dad time which, she has been needing or just wanting.  This week I might actually make it to the bank without it being a holiday because we will be having warmer weather and my husband can start taking his motorcycle to work.  I am really thrilled.    

Valentines day!

14 Feb

Happy Valentines day or Single Awareness Day!  

Valentines day came early at my house.  My husband got me a lot of chocolate bars and two new plants.  A miniature rose bush with pink flowers and some red tulips.  The tulips are just in time for spring if it ever gets here grrr.  Sorry still sick of winter. 

Here are a couple of links for folks 2 with videos and another with a link for a few cruelty free date night ideas.  I personally love the animal sanctuary one but, also want to throw in going to a Botanical Garden as well you get to see some really great plants and learn a few things.  If you are extra lucky it might even have a butterfly exhibit.

ImageI also managed to get a picture of my curious cat Bri.  Ah well she cant resist greenery no matter how hard I try.