Extended absence

31 Jan

Well I honestly have no excuse for being away.   The power struggle for now between my daughter and I is now to a dull roar. She still tests me but, now she knows that I am serious and will take away toys (I do give them back). 

 Right now I am slowly getting rid of most of her plastic toys that I am not thrilled she has mainly the ones from McPukes aka McDonalds.  Not my favorite institution.  

 I have been knitting like a mad fiend and had to restart my gift for my dad.  The cowl is what I had to restart after not doing my yarn overs which basically means you make a “new” stitch grrr.  So had to rip out and start again. Now I am about as far along as I was when I restarted and it is going better.  It looks great and will be very warm for my dad.  I hope he likes it.  The bag I was making him is still a work in progress but, truthfully it is rather boring you knit then purl and repeat until it is 9in.  Guess I need more challenge with yarn overs  slipping stitches, etc.  I wanted to cry yesterday because I did not realize that my cat was still sitting under my chair as I knitted and she chewed and broke my yarn. I tried to refelt it back together but, for some reason this yarn refuses to stay together.  So I tied a knot into my yarn and only I can tell where it is and it does not look that bad. I refused to restart yet again and possibly waste a whole skein of yarn.  So I took my revenge and got my cat back by white washing her.  We still have snow in the back yard so I picked up kitty and put her in the snow then put snow all over her.  She was not thrilled!  I did feel better after I did this.  Childish yeah, possibly immature sure.  Maybe cruel to my cat who knows I dont think so but, others may feel differently.  

My daughter and I discovered the joys of static especially when it comes to hair.  Here is a picture of her 



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